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Fasting Objective

Fasting is a spiritual, mental, and physical discipline that procures and grows the believer's belief in the teaching of God's Word. Sin has created unbelief on the conscience of man's psychology.  Consequently, the judgment of God is focused on the unbelief that grips man's spirit. Fasting is designed to release man from a spirit of unbelief so that the believer may grow from unbelief to belief. The Believer can then believe what the Scripture teaches and in return the believer grows from faith to faith and from one level of glory to another. 

Fasting involves and influences the entire human constitution: man's spirit, intellect, soul, and emotions. Fasting, with prayer and proper teaching, transform the believer's attitude to believe God; in accordance to the teaching of Scripture, line upon line, and principle upon principle. 

Fasting grows the believer relationally to his God and in expectation of his fellow believer. It further perfects Christians and prepares them for greater service in God's kingdom. God guarantees the growth and success of the believer and the church, should the church obey the teaching of God's of Word for the body.


Fast and pray that the Lord of the Harvest will give us laborers. 

Fast and pray for the participation of all members and followers of the AG family. 

Fast and pray that all members of the AG will give and be faithful to each project.  

Fast and pray for the success of each project. 


  • Relationships that transform the hearts and unite the unchurched to the Church
  • Relationships that are built on forgiveness 
  • Relationships that seek reconciliation  
  • Relationships of members with the community
  • Relationships whose true purpose is to unite the church in fulfilling oneness
  • Relationships that fulfills the Purpose of the organization
  • Relationships that strengthen the Mission of the church
  • Relationships that facilitate the building of family

The relationship of the church family is a forgiving relationship; expressing love to each other, and modeling forgiveness to the world, teaching others how to forgive. In so doing we will win the unchurched.

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