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Revitalization: is an expression describing the ability of a Movement (the Christian church) to renew and revive its purpose and its mission to a changing culture. 

That is, integrating its intellectual intelligence, its moral, religious and social beliefs, to a shifting culture to reach the unchurched. Promoting renewal culturally that incorporates the common good for all, creating a better society, as the church impacts its nation.


National Vision for The Assemblies of God

A Word from the Lord and National Parallel

AG Prayer Objective

Purpose of the Church

Conflict Management

Salt of the Earth

Growing the Church through Relationships

Church Organization


To add 500 new persons to our AG Fellowship over the next year and every year for the next 10 years, which would equal 5,000 persons.


Our five (5) largest churches to seek to win 24 new persons per year! Evangelistic Temple, Calvary Temple, Full Gospel, Treasure Cay, Bethany Assembly and Community Fellowship, Turks Island:

5x24= 120 people/two (2) persons per month

      Medium Churches: 15 persons

16 x15 people=240 persons

      Small Churches: 10 persons

      10 x14= 140 person

Total Approximation 500 persons every year


Imagine 1,000 of our members praying once a month, for the Spiritual, Moral and Social growth of our Assemblies.

  Nassau:          500

     Grand Bahama:  200

     Abaco:  100

     Turks & Caicos Islands:  100

     Eleuthera:    50

     Exuma:            10

    Andros:            10

    Long Island:    10

The Assemblies of God, our AG Businesses, and the Community at large have the numbers to make the effective change spiritually, socially and economically, that we wish to see in The Bahamas.

Surely we can find 30,000 persons over the next five (5) years amongst the Church and the community to invest in advancing the Kingdom of God, changing The Bahamas and reaching the world.


All it takes, AG churches and the Christian Community working together and together we can bring a greater social, economical and spiritual change in our country.

Only $10 per week. No Bank. No Loan. No Interest. No monthly payment No expense, no penalty, no consequence.

Only $10 a week and we can rebrand our churches and indeed our communities!!


200 X $10.00 = 2,000.00 X 4 weeks

Total: $8,000.00

400X $10.00 =4,000.00 X 4 weeks

Total: $16,000.00

600X$10.00= $6,000.00 X 4 weeks

Total: $24,000.00

800X $ 10.00 $= 8,000.00 X 4 weeks

Total: $32,000.00

1000X $10.00 =$ 10,000.00 X 4 weeks

Total: $40,000.00

2000X 10.00 = $20,000.00 X 4 weeks

Total: $80,000.00

5000X $10.00 = $50,000.00 X 4 weeks 

Total: $200,0000.00


Our National Crusades and Evangelism efforts.

Purchase of property for building new Churches.


Purchase of 3,000 plus small pocket Bibles.

Summer Community Reading Fair: Kick off to include a 72 hr Read-A-Thon (Bible, History, Poetry, etc.) 

Bible Character Development programs, Coloring Books, DVD's and Computer Series Games etc. to aid in our evangelism efforts. 

Smart-Board Concept Education Improvement System.

Developing a "Genesis Account" to fund the establishment of a Christian Museum in the Downtown areas of New Providence and Grand Bahama that will preserve our Christian heritage.

Development of material covering the History of the Church in The Bahamas.


Business people in the AG report to the Executive Committee of the Council and Presbyters to report on churches/districts' progress on a monthly basis indicating:

Nature of project undertaken

Number of church members involved

Number of persons ministered to 

Number of persons added to church

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